Name: Plasma Beam
Weight: (depends on charge concentration.)
Height: -

The Plasma beam is a very high impact weapon. Turning energy into a quasi-solid form, it propels the charged solid at intense speeds through the use of ion streams that build up around the cannon nozzle during beam creation. The plasma has a density less then water, but is nearly weightless. The plasma is extremely volatile, due to its high proton content. It's weapon rating is that almost to be matched by missile weapons. Believed to be of Chozo origin.

The Tallon IV variant is a beam bases of the principles of heat nad incineration. Based loosley off it's Zebesian counterpart, the Tallon IV Plasma beam takes surronding particles withing the air and spilts their atoms apart with violent force, causing the air around the particles to expand and heat up. It is the energy release that is the mainstay of the cannon's heat generative quality.

Firepower Rating:14.7