Name: Ice Beam
Height (item): 0.5 m
Mass (item): 10 kg
Height (beam): Cannot be accurately measured due to random ice crystals formation
Mass (beam): -
Special Function: Causes beam to freeze most enemies for a limited amount of time

The Ice beam operates by sucking almost all the kinetic energy from the particles in a small sample of gas. This lowers the temperature to near absolute zero. This sample of gas is enveloped in a normal beam to keep it coherent and launched out the end of the gun. When the beam hits a solid target, the energy around the gas explodes, spreading the gas over the object. The gas rapidly absorbs thermal energy from whatever it touches, freezing it to cryogenic temperatures instantly. If this target is a creature, the creature’s life processes stop, it goes into suspended animation, and it is locked in place. Additionally, water vapor in the air freezes around the creature, creating an icy shell that prevents any natural weapons on the creature from harming the user if he or she steps on them. Ambient thermal energy soon thaws out the creature, and it resumes its normal functioning. In some models of the gun, the freezing action prevents the explosion from damaging the target. A single shot of this model will not harm a creature, but additional shots will. In the other model, the shot still does damage, and if the creature is destroyed by the shot only the ice surrounding the creature holds it together. When the ice melts the creature dies.

The Tallon IV charge beam attack for the Ice Beam is the Ice Buster, which fires a large wall of ice out of the beam. By using charge beam technology and the energy from missiles, the Ice Beam absorbs the kinetic energy from a large amount of gas around the gun, and then fires the whole cloud of super cooled gas forward freezing anything caught in it. In addition, charging up the standard ice beam will cause it to build up more supercooled gas, allowing it to freeze targets for longer.

The Zebesian charge beam attack creates 4 balls of frozen gas contained in an energy core. The suits electrical system is temporarily modified to create a magnetic field that keeps the balls swirling around the suit until they run into any enemy. In addition, the Zebesian model’s standard beam is designed in such a way as the beam envelope that keeps the ice beam intact can be modified so it has the properties of other beams. This allows the normal ice beam to be combined with other weapons. The SR388 model lacks this modularity, so it can only be used on its own. All models appear to be of Chozo Origin.

Firepower Rating: 4.1