Name:M82 SMG

The M82 SMG is the standard issued rifle for all combat departments of the Galactic Federation. Prized for it's compact design as well as it's overall ability to adapt to any situation, the M82 has proven itself time and time again a formidable weapon. It's design is based off it's predecessor, the M77, and employs many of the same features that made that gun a success as well. A small narrow compact body is headed at the front by a single, energy laced barrel. This process of energy lacing is what gives the weapon's projectiles and extra kick of power upon ejection. The barrel itself can be calibrated to compensate for the distance and density of a target. The M82's main tactical HUD is housed in a small, hump-like casing directly behind the barrel. This HUD displays useful information about the current ammo stock, barrel calibration, as well as some rudimentary data about the target to help better assist the user. It's ammo clip is stored towards the back of the weapon, and can can hold a maximum ammunition depot of 300 live rounds. Though advanced, the M82's ammunition is based off of traditional slug-firing weapons as opposed to pure energy based. This decision was made based off of the fact that high velocity slug rounds can penetrate some forms of armor that energy resistant shielding's can't.

Firepower Rating 11.2