Name: Charge Beam
Mass: NA
Height: 0.3 m
Special Function: Can increase beam power by charging. Other special function available in some models

The Charge Beam is an effective weapon on its own. However, it really shines when combined with other beam weapons. The Charge Beam is so effective not because of its raw power, it is not any more powerful than the standard beam under normal conditions. However, the Charge Beam can have its attack power charged up, significantly increasing the damage it deals. To charge, the beam does two things. First, it diverts the power that would normally go to rapid-fire shots of the beam to a capacitor bank where the power is stored. Second, it absorbs the kinetic energy of particles around it, as well as absorbing any charged particles in the vicinity, and stores the power gained from that in the capacitor banks as well. This allows the beam to fire shots that are significantly more powerful than the sum total of the regular shots that would have been fired while it was charging. The charging process is not completely efficient, a significant amount of the power that should have been absorbed is released as heat and light. This slows the charging process slightly. The capacitor banks have a limit as to how much power they can store, once the power is at a maximum further power that is absorbed is vented in the form of more light and heat. When the charger is shut down, the power from the capacitors is diverted to the beam generator all at once, creating one very powerful blast. The charge beam increases the strength and efficiency of the beam generators, the standard power beam generator would be instantly fried by that level of power being delivered at one time. The more advanced beam generators the Charge Beam provides can survive those power levels without any problem. The advanced beam generators and capacitors are modular, designed to be able to function alongside any other beam that might be found, thus increasing that beam’s power in the same way as the Power Beam.

There are actually 3 different variations on the Charge Beam. One was found on Tallon IV, one was found in Zebes, and one was a modified model created by the Galactic Federation Military. The Tallon IV and Zebesian models were not significantly different in their standard functioning, but they had some advanced functions that differed a great deal. The GF Military model has markedly different basic functions.

The Tallon IV model had the basic operating parameters listed above. However, it had a powered-up attack that could be combined with other beams and Missiles. By firing a missile while a particular beam was at full charge, a very powerful special attack could be used. Each beam had its own very powerful special attack, but the attacks all required a certain number of Missiles (usually a lot of Missiles). These special attacks also required additional components besides the Charge Beam, the other beam, and Missiles. These components had to be found somewhere on the planet.

The Zebesian model also had advanced functions, but they were completely different from the Tallon IV special attacks. The Zebesian special attacks were activated by setting the suit to drop a power bomb, but remaining in an upright or crouched position. The single desired beam was charged up. When the beam reached full charge, the special attack activated. Instead of a beam-type attack like Tallon IV special attack created, the Zebesian model used the Power Suit’s energy conduits to generate an attack all around Samus. These attacks operated differently depending on which beam was used, but they all attacked enemies in all directions around the user. Each attacked used one power bomb. There were two additional special functions associated with the Zebesian model. They were actually flaws in the Charge Beam design that could be exploited for the user’s benefit. If the user did a spin jump when the Charge Beam was fully charged, it created a short in the beam system. To protect the suit from damage, the massive energy stored in the capacitor bank was vented around the suit. The energy stayed focused around the suit’s energy field, remaining there until the suit touched an enemy or its feet touched the ground. In either case, the energy was dumped into whatever the suit touched. In the case of the ground, the ground simply dissipated the energy. But in the case of an enemy, the massive energy would often destroy the creature. This created an attack similar to the screw attack, but it could only be used against one enemy per charge. The second attack was similar, and happened when the user rolled into a morph ball. In this case, the energy from the capacitors was all dumped into the bomb generator. This overloaded the bomb generator, forcing it to produce 5 imperfect bombs in order to vent the energy without taking damage. The bombs had the same power output, but the positional lock systems in them were inoperable. This means the bombs did not stay in one place, but instead bounced and rolled away until they exploded. This could be used to hit fast-moving enemies or destroy a whole area of bombable blocks at once.

The Galactic Federation Military model has the basic functionality of the traditional charge beam. However, it combines this with the repulsion/attraction properties of the Spazer and an increase in uncharged beam power, giving it a more powerful, wide-area attack even when uncharged.

Firepower Rating:5.8