Name: X-Ray Scope
Design Specs: Optical enviornmental probe.
Features:Gives user ability to see through objects with a photonic rating of 5 or less.

When activated, the X-Ray Scope gives the user visuals through objects of lesser mass than those around it. In doing so, passages or other hidden dangers become revealed, leaving the user to deal with the assesment as desired. By using optcal lenses on it's foward head and concentrating them through a series of cyclinders, the X-Ray Scope is able to function even through the most dimmest of enviornments. The x-ray's emmited from objects such as walls, ceilings, and floors are much different then those emmited by living creatures. Due to this fact in the X-Ray Scope's design, its was designed for exploration purposes only. Believed to be of Chozo origin.