Name: X-Ray Visor
Design Specs: Extra spectral optics.
Features: Allows the user to see detailed, x-ray visuals of targets usually not visible thru normal specturms.

The X-Ray Visor uses focused lenses that filter out soft organic material, allowing the solid, underlaying matter to be visable to the user. The ability of this technology is so powerful it is able to see thru even the most dense alloys such as Phazite and Bendezium. In some instances it is able to pic up strace electrical signatures and make visable spectral objects that would not normally be seen. This includes some Space Pirate technology that is visable only to their particular visual specturms. An adaptable feature allows the visor to zoom in on key areas for an even closer detailed view. Due to the localization of the x=ray emitters within the visor lenses, the range is very short.