Name: Dark Visor
Design Specs: Interdimensional Optical Device
Features: Allows the user to see between Light / Dark realm, as well as identifying biological signals in low light enviornments.

The Dark Visor serves a multitude of purposes and tasks. Originally designed by the Luminoth to help them in their war against the Ing, it employs unique features such as the ability to view things in the "dark" world. This is achieved by a series of compressed lenses that break up dimensional radiation similar to that of a prism. It is then able to focus particular dimensional specturms to the desired input of the user. A secondary feaure is the ability to spot bioforms in very low light enviornments by reading electricity emitted from kinetic energy. In adapting to usage with weaponary systems, it is able to locate and take advantage to multiple missle targets and "seek" them out with prejudice.