Name: Spider Ball
Design Specs: Emergency energy storage

Features: Grants user ability to traversed walls and railings

It has been noted by Galactic Federation Technicians that two versions of the Spider Ball exsist, though both relying on the same principle technologies. In general, the Spider Ball is an unique device that allows the user while in Morph Ball mode to grapple onto surrounding surfaces with ease. By usage of either highly excited polymers (SR388 variant) or thru the usage of an advanced magnetic system (Tallon Chozo variant), the Morph Ball seems to almost bind completly to whatever surface it is near. The most notable differences between the two variants are noted: The SR388 variant uses a thin layer of binding polymer molecules to adhere at an atomic level to the surfaces. The Tallon Chozo variant, uses an advanced system of internal magnetism to bind onto specially built railing on which the user is free to traverse as long as the magnetism is engaged.