Name: Phazon Suit
Design Specs: Phazon encasmed suit.
Features: Provides immunity to base phazon contact.

This suit is based off of the Space Pirate's achievements with Project Helix, it is the basis for their Elite Pirate Epsilon unit's protection against the deterioratitive properties of phazon. The suit itself is encased in a silicate similar to plated phazite, making the user immune completely to simpiler "blue" phazon contact. It is this base property that made this technology so invaluable to the Space Pirates when trying to adapt their forces the freedom to continue exposure to the substance without killing them at the same time. It's only weakness seems to come from a highly concentrated variant of the base phazon compound, "orange phazon", for which no solid immunity was ever researched. During Aran's encounter with the Metroid Prime's core, the suit's other quality to absorb and fire focused beams of phazon as a weapon was first encountered. It is believed that this is the basis from which later phazon equipted suits would derive their technology.

Also during this encounter, after giving a fatal dousage to the Metroid Prime's core, it is believed that the Phazon in the suit was attacted towards the dying Prime, in an attempt to deal the fatal blow. It is this action that startes researchers in the fact that it would appear a sentience was present in the suit itself. It is not known what became the fate of the Phazon suit after this encounter.