Name: Phazon Enhancment Design Suit
Design Specs: Phazon powered assault suit.
Features: Uses burst phazon to allow the user extreme imunnity to attacks for a short time. Prone to phazon overloads.

In the months leading up prior to the attack of Norion, the Galactic Federation put their greatest minds together to help out their forces. It had been seen that in recent confrontations with Space Pirate forces, the enemy had been taking advantage of phazon powered weaponry. This put them at a much greater tactical advantage, and in most cases overwhelmed Federation forces into submission. With the obsessive quest to find the Pirate's stronghold yielding promising results, it was only a matter of time until the Space Pirate Homeworld would need to be hit in full force. This would require a massive upgrade in what was currently issued to Federation infantry. The answer was the PED Suit. Using tech from captured Space Pirate designs, Federation scientists redevoloped it to be more stable. The suit works by using small caches of energy to enter what has been dubbed "hyper mode". When in this mode, the user's cannon is able to disperse damaging amounts of phazon. This in turn is powered by an internal supply in the user's back storage. This new suit proved emmensly superior to Space Pirate designs and first saw combat in the battle of Norion. During this same battle, hunters Ghor, Gandrayda, Rundas, and Samus Aran became immobilzed by Dark Samus. To save them from this phazon overload, they were all outfitted with the newly tested PED suits. The result allowed enhanced offensive capabilites for all. Unfortunatly, the user is only allowed a limited time in "hyper-mode" before the phazon itself overwhelms the system. During this time, phazon must be quickly discharged before the phazon consumes and kills the wearer.