Name: Light Suit
Design Specs: Superior dark atmosphere sorte suit.
Features: Fully resistant to dark atmosphere hazards. Increase protection from dark creatures, as well as able to stabilze light particles into platforms.

Feeling their endevours with the Dark suit were not enough, the Luminoth sought help from the greatest of their allies: the Chozo. Binding the technologies of their two great civilizations, the end result was the creation of the Light Suit. The Light suit is encased in a shimmering, quicksilver-like alloy, used to take full benefit of light gathering and reflection features. Several light emitters on the suit itself provide a self sustaining light source when all other lights go out. An interesting feature is the suit's ability to command beams of light to form solid platforms for the user to stand upon. This is achieved by exciting light photons around the suit, creating micro static that collects nearby particles in the air. It is the garthering of these particles bathed in light that form the bases of these platforms.