Name: Fusion Suit
Design Specs: Genetically enhanced bio-mesh armor underlayer.
Features: Due to it's genetic bonding with Metroid DNA, is able to absorb X parasite genomes. Also suseptible to cold enviornments.

After a near fatal encounter with the X parasite on SR388, Samus Aran's Varia suit began so severely malfunction and stop all life support functions. In order to save the hunter's flie, Federation scientists began immediatly to try and remove the suit to get to Aran in time. Unfortunaly the suit was so synchronized with the hunter's own body, to remove completely would cause fatal complications. Quick to think, it was decided that since the X parasite was the source of this infection, it's natural predator must be brought back into the mix: the Metroid. Using stored DNA from the metroid hatchling on Ceres Space Station, a vaccine was quickly created. Almost immediatly, the hunter's vital signs began to climb back into the green. Taking a tremendous toll on her, when Samus awoke she found that the greater majority of her suit had been dismantled, leaving only her base armor and protecive bio-mesh exposed. Whats more was the fact that the bio-mesh had immediatly adapted to the introduction of the Metroid DNA , ridding the X parasite from her systems, but also becoming apart of her own genome in the process.

The new coloration of the bio-mesh to the greenish huge is caused by the genetic traits of the metroid itself. Scientists noted that upon contact, the bio-mesh was very warm, as if alive. To this day all experiments to replicate this incident have not yielded satisfactory results.