Name: Dark Suit
Design Specs: Modified Power Suit based off of Luminoth Design
Features: Allows for a diminished damage effect in dark atmospheres as well as a larger resistance to dark-type creatures.

During their war with the Ing Horde, Luminoth technicians developed the Dark Suit. Originally this suit was used in expeditions into the Dark Aether atmosphere, and offered a greater protection to the realm's harmful effects than standardly issued armor. Twin static engines mounted on the shoulders provide a syphoning effect, absorbing the majority of the dark atmosphere into them and dispersing them thru small vents on their latteral sides. Unfortunatly because of their size, they are not able to fully take the brunt, forcing some damage to still pass thru. The visual tint of the armor is in response to the dark atmosphere's absorbtion of pigment, thus the Dark suit's muted colors enhance it's functionality.