Name: Tallon IV
Location: Tallon System
Discovery Date: Unknown
Mass: 5.1 trillion teratons
Class XIC Planet
Size: 70,000,000
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and traces of minor halogen gases.
Distinct Features: Large impact area where a meteor collided with the planet.

A Wander-Class planet, Tallon IV is one of the two worlds within the Tallon system capable of sustaining life. Tallon IV follows an unusual retrograde orbit of 4.3 standard millicycles. Orbiting 778,000,000 km from the only star within the system, Tallon IV was at one time a main outpost of the Chozo. For reasons as yet not completely understood, the Chozo civilization on the planet became extinct. Though oxygen-rich and capable of sustaining life, Talon IV has remained uninhabited since the demise of the Chozo. The planet also possesses an abundance of an energy source known as "phazon".

A spiritual people, the Tallon IV Chozo lived peacefully on the planet leaving much of it unspoiled and technology-free. Over 150 millicycles ago, a large meteor collided with the planet, destroying everything within a 500 km radius and spraying an enormous plume of rock and debris into the atmosphere. The meteor was vaporized on impact, and jettisoned large quantites of radioactive material, into the atmosphere. This material, "phazon", as it has been call in intercepted Space Pirate transmissions, created widespread destruction. Remnants of the debris still circle the planet in close orbit and druing the last Galactic Federation Police (GFP) survey, the impact site was still emitting high energy levels. The Chozo attempted to control the spread of radiation, creating a containment structure over the impact site. While the enviornmental effects of the impact were mitigated, it was too late for the Chozo who apparently succumbed to the ill effects of the deadly "phazon" released by the collision.

Ecosystem studies indicate that Talon IV was a biological paradise prior to the impact of an extraterrestrial object. What remains of the biosphere is slowly fading due to exposure to Phazon radiation. At current rate of decay, Tallon IV will be a barren Class XIII wasteland in approximately 25 years.

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