Name: SR388
Location: SR388
Discovery Date: 23X0
Mass: 2.7 billion teratons
Class XVI Planet
Size: 21,000,000
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Uraniuoxide, Sulfur Concentrate in high pockets above the atmosphere.
Distinct Features: Acidic lakes, constant earthquakes and Volcanic activity.

Planet SR388, named after the system in which it was found in, is the only planet in its system. Founded by Survey Team Mika-70 Wolf, it has been overlooked on previous star charts and is way to far off of the trade routes to even have been considered for survey during the old expansion days of early space ferriers. This planet is in a very remote sector of space, so if something were to stay hidden, this definitely would have been the ideal place for it.

Not even the slightest trace of land can be seen from orbit for the tons of acidic clouds make visibility up to about 500 feet off the ground impossible. This planet would make a good smuggler's hideout, except for the fact that the air is poisonous; each breath inhaled filled with acidic compounds and sulfuric trace gases. The humidity of this planet is extremely high, as is the overall temperature. Mapping of the planet is near impossible, constant volcanic activity and lava tube eruptions happen at all times of day. Constant meteor storms also plague this planet from the nearby asteroid field of MRT 62.4.

The crust of the planet seems to almost be hollow due to all the acidity the planet spews forth from its volcanic activity. Huge maze-like structures stretching at times dozens of miles, all intertwine making one horrific maze after another. Further exploration of the planet's inner depths is impossible, due to the immense risks of tunnel collapsing and lava tube bursting. The thought of being trapped miles beneath this deadly planet is too much of a risk on any survey team's mind to risk in the name of science.

Presumed to be the home world of origin for the species known as Metroid. At the top of the food chain in their ecosystems, it is a delicate balance between predator and prey. Creatures here have evolved and adapted in ways that reflect the planet itself: just as the planet SR388 is unforgiving in itself, the creatures that live here are no exception. They seem to have been able to adapt to the acidity in the air and not only have they survived, but flourished in great swarm numbers. Also, a number of mechanical machines have been noted moving about the corridors of the planet, but by whom were they put there, and what are they guarding remains a mystery.
On a side note, the remains of a strange civilization have also been found, indicating that there was once a strong civilization here, although to this day, no live specimens have been found.

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