Federation Callsign: Space Pirate Homeworld
Location: (Somewhere within Fringe Sector Tango)
Discovery Date: -
Mass: Estimated 3.3 teratons
Class IVV Planet
Size: 29,700,000
Atmosphere: Methane, Sulfur Compounds, Carbon-90, Trace Oxygen levels.

Warning: Due to over industrialization, the planet's atmosphere has become a highly, corrosive compound. Class XI protection is required.

Not much is known about the Space Pirate Homeworld. It's location in the galaxy is in a remote, wild area of space closed off to all but military campaigns. Even at that, the sector of space in which it lies is so vast that penetration into it's surrounding regions has taken a very long time. It was not until Federation scientists were able to reverse engineer decrypted Space Pirate codes retrieved from Tallon IV that the long, tedious process of finding their origins could even begin. After several years, the Space Pirates launched an outright assault on several Federated worlds including Norion. It was during this turmoil that Federation scientists hit a breakthru. At first confused by their findings, the answer seemed to lead to a large, barren region
in the uncharted Tango Sector of Wild Space. To futher confirm this, space hunter Gandrayna sent a signal straight to Federation Command with the same area the scientists had uncovered. For the first time, the Federation was able to launch a surprise assault upon what is believed to be the Space Pirate Homeworld itself.

It was also learned thru further research that the Space Pirates were one of the first known planets to "willingly" have their planet consumed by a Leviathan seed originating from Phaaze. With this, the pirates had a local, renewable source of phazon to continue their experimentation with the volatile substance.

The Space Pirate Homeworld upon Federation arrival was a polluted maze of metal canyons. It is believe by first scouting recons that the entire surface of the planet has been utilized to facilitate the manufacturing needs of the Space Pirate hordes. All original traces of the planet's ecology have been erased in favor of the Space Pirate's vision of perfection in the form of a giant metropolis. Space Pirate city structures tower massivley into the sky in large, honeycomb hives of metal.

All original species of life upon the planet have been erased. If they are still infact living, they have been modified by the pirate's meta technology. On an interesting note, the Space Pirate's venturing across the galaxy has unwittingly aided in the bringing of species not native to the planet travel to their world. Those strong enough to survive these toxic conditions have thrived, along with adapting horrific new natural defenses to survive and flourish.

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