Name: Norion
Location: Kalandor Sector
Discovery Date: 2X3X
Mass: 4.1 trillion teratons
Class XVII Planet
Size: 32,000,000
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrogen.
Distinct Features: Extensive canyons and large forested areas.

During the later days of the expansion period, Federation teams came across a previously unsurveyed Class XVII planet on the edge of the Kalandor Sector. Though this sector itself was on the fringes of Federated space at the time, the planet itself had potential for usage in an outpost for future expansion operations. Plans were quickly made to the planet, given the name Norion, to have be a canidate for terraformation. Initial surveys showed that the planet in it's original state was not capable of sustaining life at even the most minimal of levels. In a period of a decacycle, Gaia-Class terraformation modules were set up in strategic points around Norion. This operation was overseen and controlled by Aurora Unit 486. Using their atmospheric projection foundries, they were able to take the planet's initial atmosphere of weak oxygen to one that fell in line closer to other life sustaining worlds in nearby sectors. Almost immediatly the signs of this effort's success were seen in the form of primative lichen growth among the many rock formations near the equator. Due to the amounts of moisture released during the terraforming process, large torrential rains bathed the planet in a light rain that lasted for over 2 decacycles. Federated drones then placed flora from selected worlds that were chosen for the survivability rates on Norion's newly found atmosphere. As a result large, forested areas are now in place as the main ecosystem for Norion.

Shortly after the Federation created it's military ops outposts nestled within the planets winding canyons and ravines. To date, it is the strongest base of military operations in the region of space.

This did not go unnoticed and was eventually attacked by Space Pirate forces led by none other than Ridley.This main attack served only as a diversion. During this attack, a massive Leviathan seed attempted to make planetfall during the confusion of battle. Do to the actions of Samus Aran, Gandrayda, Ghor, and Rundas the planet was spaired the fate of phazon infection.

Norion features a vast tunneling of giant canyons that intertwine for miles across the planet's surface. Some of the canyons, such as the Lauran Survey canyon have been measured be as deep as 3.8 km. These are substantial for a Class XVII planet and are believed to be remenants of a giant ocean that covered the planet in it's past. After terraforming operations, much of the planet's surface was overcame with giant conifer forests, much like those seen on Planet Fest. Small, localized polar regions have also formed along the planet's magnetic poles due to the rapid cooldown caused by the atmospheric projectors.

Norion is deviod of indigenous life. It is believed that in it's past, when it was covered by a vast ocean, it may have supported some amount of bio mass. To date, no archeological team has uncovered any fossil evidence to prove this theory. Current bioforms include those which were transfered over via the terraforming project. Many of these were transplants from the Planet Fest, due to the new similarities between the two after the terraforming operation.









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