Name: K2-L
Location: Farsmu Sector
Discovery Date: 2XX0
Mass: 3.8 trillion teratons
Class XIV Planet
Size: 28,000,000
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrogen..
Distinct Features: Large expanses of forests and grasslands, which are the home of countless numbers of animal and plant species.

Nestled deep withen the galactic core, K2-L was part of the Federation's first attempts at colonizing worlds just beyond the Bendesh Trade route. During the days of the old expansion, a fevor to find worlds along important trade routes was in full gear. K2-L, as it was originally logged by the sensor pod that found it, was just such a planet. Having a location that was litereally so close to the trade lanes, it was an ideal location to support a colony that would not only maintain outpost in the area, but benefit from all the trade in the sector. K2-L was a prosperous planet, colonized by homind and xenoic lifeforms alike. All this ended when in 124.988.01 a raiding armada of Space Pirates bombarded the planet, destroying all sentient life. After this incident, Galactic Federation Command felt this planet, and all others in the sector, to be at a great risk to Space Pirate raiding parties. Shortly afterwards, K2-L was abandoned. It is also rumored that in this devestating attack the mother and father of Samus Aran were murdered.

K2-L housed a wide variety of ecosystems which during the colonization by the Federation, remained untouched. Of greater note was the overwhelming number of forests and grasslands that made up the planet. Towards the greater north of the planet, a giant canyon that seems to have been carved out by all the rivers that intertwine the planet. The weather was generaly mild with the occasional static storm induced by the static created from the trillions of blades of grass.

Housed in the great forests and grasslands of the planet, the lifeform population had been able to thrive in large numbers for countless generations. There is little to no predatory activity save for the occasional Lurker Beasts that tend to occupy the canyon and greater northern expanses. Large amounts of avian and mammal species roam the lush savannahs and southern expanses. During the Space Pirate raid, very few species survived the global extermination. On a side note, the remains of an ancient civilization have been discovered. Though not as widely expansed as on other planets, they seem to be centered around the greater canyons of the north. No living traces of this culture has been found.

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Farsmu Sector