Name: Elysia
Location:Empyrean Region
Discovery Date: 2X45
Mass: 2.8 trillion teratons
Class XII Planet
Size: 32,000,000
Atmosphere: Nitrogen Traces, Helium, Oxide Compounds, Small Carbon Traces, Xenon, Krypton and base Methane Traces.

Located in an isolated sector of space, Elysia stands as a wonder in both technological design and beauty. The region of space in which the planet is located is surrounded by spectacular and vast fields of nebula. It is believed these nebula were the remenants from the systems original forming. Solar winds from the nearby star of Edena illuminate them into marvelous spectrums of color. This beauty is fully prevelant within the planet Elysia itself. It has been discovered that sometime within the planets past, a colony of Chozo came across the planet. They immediatly began work upon a skybound research facility, commonly known now as Skytown. Skytown was used as a center for knowledge and observational study of the cosmos. They built many linked, hovering pods: in time they formed a net in the skies across the globe, instruments peering out in all directions. Within the depths of Skytown resided an observational pod bay from which they would launch scientific probes into the farthest reachs of space. These satellites returned information that allowed them to analyze the various phenomenon occurring across the cosmos.

During this time thru the ages, the harsh winds of the planet eventually started to take attritional toll upon the facility. As hard as they worked, the Chozo alone could not keep up the task of the maintenance needed to keep Skytown up and functioning. Eventually, using their superior knowledge, they created a synthetic race of virtual intelligence, known simply as Elysians. For many decacycles, the Elysians learned valuable information from their creators. It was not until one day that the Chozo enmass left the station never to return.

Being ever faithful to their Chozo creaters, the Elysians continuted their work of searching the stars, and also for where their creators may have gone. Kilacycles passed until one day, a Federation vessel made contact with the Elysians, from which an alliance was formed. An Aurora (Unit 242) was installed so that the Federation could learn from all the Elysians had to offer, as well as help coordinate their efforts within the station. In return the Aurora unit shared the collective knowledge of the Federation with the Elysians. To this day it is their hope that their masters will one day return.

But as fate would have it, Elysian was the target of attack by the Space Pirate forces. In their aid, a deadly leviathan seed crash landed upon the surface of the planet, spreading it's deadly Phazon into the peaceful world. The Space Pirates began to then pilfer and pillage the knowledge to be had on the planet by the Elysians, Chozo, and Federated Aurora Unit. It was only thru the efforts of Samus Aran that the leviathan seed and Pirate forces were defeated by means of a thermonuclear device stored on the base.

Currently the Elysian forces are recovering from this attack with the help of the Aurora Unit 242.

Elysia features a constant atmosphere of moisture generated from the high pressures of the planet below. This moisture forms into stunning displays of clouds in the upper atmosphere. Due to the many different compounds in the air, the cloud colorations range from mild pastels to darkened blues and purples. Skytown also serves as an eternal example of the genious of the Chozo race.

Biological life is not to be found enmass upon the planet. Several Federation studies have shown that particular compounds necessary in the formation of advanced life are present, yet not found. This may be to factors present in the depths of the world. What biological has not been able to present, virtual intelligences have filled this void. The Elysians are a race of sentient machines created by the Chozo to help aid them in the maintenance of Skytown. In turn they themselves have built upon their basic design and created newer versions of themselves as well as specific caste roles within their society. The Federation is high interested in continued peaceful exchanges of knowledge and technology with the Elysians thru diplomatic skill of Aurora Unit 242.




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