Name: Corella 5
Location:Benguri Major
Discovery Date: 2XX2
Mass: 9.7 trillion teratons
Class XII Planet
Size: 53,000,000
Atmosphere: Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, Oxygen, trace amounts of nitrogen in the upper ionospheres.

Corella 5 is one of the earliest known colonies of the Galactic Federation. Founded by survey team Epsilon Eagle 7, this world would later become one of the many seats of democracy within the Federation. It's strategic location is situated at the borders of the Sol Sector, and it intersects a major space trading route from which the planet benefits the most. With the flux of citizens from across the galaxy, Corella 5 established a variety of living modules to better accomidate offworlders, as well as it's diverse inhabitats. During the more recent years, Corella 5 has been used as the meeting place for many Federation representatives. With the Space Pirate threat more real than ever, these meetings have been taking place with more and more frequency. It is also rumored that DNA samples of the Metroid Hatchling studied at Ceres Space Station were transmitted back here for archival study, though no solid evidence has come forth about this.

The planet is covered mostly in a vast ocean, with small pockets of land to settle upon. Due to the ocean's size, tidal cycles are very apparent here, sometimes rising or lowering hundreds of feet in some regions. Great chains of cloud mazes can be seen gliding in the atmosphere, sometimes stacking to form mega cells. Although large in scale, these clouds actually act as a natural abosorber of static electicity in the atmosphere, keeping the weather mild for the most part.

Corella 5 has no sentient life of it's own. That is not to neglect the previlant thickness of it's native species. Ranging from shallow seas to deep, abysal plains, the ocean is where all life is found. For reasons unknown to Federation scientists, life never chose to adapt to land, how few and far between these land masses may be. Of note is the Suvack Lurker, a medium sized arthropod that builds large colonies made of vegetation upon the water's surface. The largest of these colonies can be seen from a class MKI orbital sattelite.

Galactic Federation Starchart
Benguri Major