Name: Bryyo
Location: Chysus System
Discovery Date: 19X4
Mass: 2.4 Teratons
Class: XIV Planet
Size: 10,000,000
Atmosphere: Hydrogen. Sulfur, Oxygen. Heavy moisture deposits in the air around the planet's equatoral regions.

Bryyo was home to the sentient race known as the Bryyians. They were intelligent and very resourceful, making the most of their planet while at the same time, keeping in harmony with nature. At some point in their history the Bryyian's came in contact with the Chozo. From this contact an overwheiming trade of knowledge surged forth. With this new knowledge the Bryyians created great marvels for their society. The Chozo, rejoiced in the happiness of the Bryyians, also warned them to find the balance between science and nature. Although heard, this warning was not heeded. As a result this golden age was short lived. Blinded by their knowledge, the intellectual Bryyians splintered off and declared themselves "The Lords of Science." They established themselves as the planet's rulers and were unforgiving in the pursuit to convert all others to their way of thought. This choice caused a massive shism upon the world between those who followed science, and those who followed the old ways. A massive war was fought for dominance and in the end, the Lords of Science were pushed back. Soon, war, famine, and disease took their toll and all Lords and Primals were killed, though the gel fuel harvesters and generators, the planets main energy source, continued to operate through the centuries.

Due to the heavy fighting that took place in the planet's past, the vast majority of the planet is uninhabiatble. These regions are racked with toxic dust storms and seismic energy that is all but deadly to living biofroms. The only habitable area upon Bryyo's surface in which life can survive lies on a 2% strip of equatorial land. Upon this region, Bryyo’s landscapes vary greatly from area-to-area. Part of the area is temperate forest, while another is a lush tropical jungle, and another still is a hot, volcanic region.

Before and after the extinction of the Lords and Primals, much life flourished in Bryyo’s varied landscapes. Bryyo’s creatures are usually quite small in size, with only a handful of predators inhabiting the planet. Reptilians inhabit the deserts while plants and herbivores inhabit the jungle. It is the earlier that has many Federation scientists to speculate that the Reptiicius are actually remenants of the ancient Bryyian Primals. Further research is needed to verify this.

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