Name: Arcterra
Location:Tetra Galaxy
Discovery Date: 2X1X
Mass: 3.1 trillion teratons
Class VIV Planet
Size: 22,000,000
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrogen.
Distinct Features:Large glacial plains, frozen water spires and deep glacial revenes that stretch beneth the hollow ice.

Arcterra is a frozen and seemingly inhospitable place. Located in the outer most reaches of the Alimbic Cluster, the planet remains in a propetual state of cryostasis. Originally discovered by a small survey team during the days of the old expansion, it was named after the frozen landscape which covers the entire planet. Due to it's remoteness in it's sector of space, it has been visited by very few visitors over the past millicycles since it's original discovery. Though after a closer look from a recent servey team (Team Delta-Mika Fox), ruins from the ancient Alimbic culture have also been found here, as they have on all planets within the Alimbic Cluster.

Arcterra, though frozen and barren from the surface, is actually honeycombed with intertwining tunnels just underneath it's glacial surface. Due to natural phenomenon, hundreds of thousands of tunnels now intertwine each other in a tapestry of shafts. It is believed these were carved out by escaping thermal gasses from the planet's core. These channels and tunnels are the mainstay support of what little life the planet has to offer, as well as where the reminants of the Alimbic culture may be found.

The frozen wastes have made for equally hospitable lifeforms as well. Many scientists believe that they are the reminants of creatures that once exsisted in a much warmer climate in the planet's late history. Though this has not been proven, the mainstay of the life found on Arcterra tends to stay within traveling range of the thermal vents. No large mammals may be found here, as it is believed their warm blooded metabolism would not be able to support itself in the nutrient=lacking enviornment. Life has seemed to favored insectoid bodied creatures, and as such life has evolved to deal with the frozen enviornements as such.

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