- Federation technicians are repairing critical imaging and data systems to get the MetroidGuide back to full capacity as quickly as possible.

- All images back online.

- The MetroidGuide.com is currently optimizing it's databases. This may inadvertently cause some images to temporarily come offline. These issues will be resolved shortly.
- Updated data for planets Elysia and Norion in the ASTROLOGICAL DATA.

- Updated Biological Data for Gandrayda, Ghor, and Rundas.
- Metroid Genome Map updated in the Metroid Data section.
- Updating Metroid Data with newly discovered information. Data is in transit and is being sparatically updated. Check back frequently to view updates.

- Updated Technology Data.

- Updated visor and suit research in Technological Data.
- Astrological Data for Planet Aliehs III and Planet Corella 5 added.

- Astrological Data for Planet Bryyo and Space Pirate Homeworld added.

- Federation scientists are in the process of uploading all new data from the "Corruption". Please stand by during this process.
- Weaponry Data has been updated.

- Site is back online after complications. Updated sections as well as going thru and making corrections to areas that need our attention.
- Metroidguide.com is getting ready to celebrate it's 6th year anniversary. Keep checking back to see what we have in store.
- Added link to the Official Metroidguide.com Store. This can be found on the bottom navigation bar.
- Added Astrological Data for Twin Tabula.

- Biological Data added for many species on SR388, Planet Arcterra, Planet Alinds, Almibic Cluster, Oubilette, and widespread as well.
- Fixed broken links and missing / incorrect picture data for the site in general.

- Biological Data added for Kanden, Sylux, Trace and Weavel.

- Astrological Data has been updated with:
Aether, Arcterra, Alinds, Bilium, Ooromine II.

- The Metroid Galaxy Guide is up and running at it's original capacity. We are currently working on getting the brand new content up and running as soon as possible. The biggest part of this update is the Biological Guide is up and functioning.

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