Name: Queen Metroid (kween meh troyd)
Genetic Family : SR388
Origin: SR388
Phase: Adult (Unknown Advanced Stage. May be induced as an advanced molting or by a specified egg designated for monarchy.)

Height: Unverified
Weight: Unverified
Status: Extinct

Mysterious creature found on planet SR388. For which is thought to also be it's native planet. Also thought to be parasitic. An airborne life form totally capable of flight through it's almost weightlessness. Shortly after hatching, immediately begins to hunt for food. Feeds itself by a highly developed system of consuming the "lifeforce" of its victim. The victim does not loose blood or any other vital fluids, and yet the Metroid extracts energy: identifying this energy is the central problem. It takes no physical form, and yet without it, the victim dies.

The highest stage within the Metroid life cycle. The Queen Metroid is the monarch of Metroid society. Using sub-sonic telepathic brainwaves she can control the thoughts of every single Metroid within her kingdom. The Queen, although having a large mouth, does not have rows of teeth as seen in previous Metroid mutations. She has almost lost all teeth in her mouth, except that of which has grown in the front and sides of her massive maw. She has no reason to chew try to mame prey; her many drones do that for her.

The Queen has a segmented neck of about 14 amorous plates that surround the leather hard tissue that lies beneath. The neck, when fully contracted to length, has a total reach of an estimated 50 ft. With the terrifying speed of 45 mph contraction speed, anything foolish enough to get within reach is usually down before they know what hit them. The Queen has also has built a natural plate of armor atop her head to use as a final ramming defense.

The Queen stands firmly atop her monstrous legs, which have been noted to be the size of a small docking girder (roughly 5 feet in diameter.) They are extremely long, estimated at over 12 feet in length. Although it must have strong legs to support its massive body weight, the Queen prefers to remain immobile, remaining in one place for great periods of time. Rarely will a Queen move to another chamber for any reason. She has no reason too. Her many minions do her desires and commands with no questioning. Anything from bringing her nutrients to carrying out duties for which she and she alone sees fit is fulfilled by the lower members of the metroid family classes, usually the Alpha Metroids

The Queen has also developed an advanced system of launching hardened mucus-like projectiles towards any possible threat. By doing so, she can make her enemy become immobile for a long period of time. Not much more is known about the Queen metroid. Only one has ever been sited and even that was not by human eyes but by mechanical drones sent into the chamber. What limited detail they sent back is that entire scientist's have to go off of to make speculations about this truly monstrous beast.

It is also unknown if the Queen Metroid is yet another advanced molting stage caused by some natural phenomenon or if there are infact Metriod Eggs specified for future Queen Metroid incubation. As this phenomenon has never been observed nor has any definate evidence been gathered upon the subject, xenologists can only speculate of the exact origins and conditions for this monstrous creature.