Name: Hatcher Metroid (hat chur - met troyd)
Genetic Family : Space Pirate Homeworld
Origin: SR388 eggs transplanted to the Space Pirate Homeworld for implimentation into a renewed biological weapons project.

Phase: Adult (Advanced Stage)

Length: 3.2m
Weight: 70 lbs
Status: Extinct

Note:Federation scientists are speculating that the Hatcher Metroid might be a phase of a Metroid life cycle that leads to the development of a Metroid Prime.

Mysterious creature found on planet SR388. For which is thought to also be its native planet. Thought to be parasitic. An airborne life form totally capable of flight through it's almost weightlessness.

Since the capture of the original Metroid specimens collected by the Galactic Federation expedition to SR388 the Space Pirates have attempted to breed Metroids for the bio warfare program; on the planet Zebes, planet Tallon IV, and planet Aether. All these attempts have failed because of the intervention of the Space Hunters Samus Aran who exterminated most specimens; still the Space Pirates retained enough Metroids to start once more again. This time the Space Pirates attempted to breed Metroids on their own homeworld.

While the Space Pirates’ homeworld already caused interesting mutations to take place in the Metroid genetic strain, at some point the Space Pirate scientists decided to expose Metroid eggs to large quantities of Phazon material. The result is a complete new and unique strain of Metroid that has Phazon in its genetic makeup and feeds on both life energy and Phazon material; Phazon Metroids. It is specifically unknown what genetic variable causes the Phazon Metroid to mutate once more, but also futher curious as to what causes the genetic offshoot of become a Hopper or Hatcher variant as well.

The Metroid Hatcher retains its ability to float through use of kinetic energy, but its outer mandibles are replaced by tendrils as it increases in size. They also loose the ability to shift into a phase state, taking away that defense, but their shell has developed to the point that the Metroid Hatcher is in general invulnerable to most weapons. When entering this life phase Metroid Hatchers can also reproduce, but instead of laying eggs they give birth to Miniroids inside their body that rapidly developer into mature Phazon Metroids, these newborn Phazon Metroids emerge through the Metroid Hatcher’s mouth. The Metroid Hatcher uses its offspring during a battle, when it feels threatened enough it will release its young to attack the creature that has hurt it.

Weak spots of the Metroid Hatcher are the ends of its tendrils and its mouth through which its inner organs can be hurt. Metroid Hatchers will try to subdue a possible prey by attacking it with its tendrils, if the prey attacks the tendrils, the Hatcher will retract them in its body and instead unleash Phazon Metroids from its mouth, a quick sharp shooter can directly hurt the Metroid Hatcher by firing into its open mouth. By ripping off a Metroid Hatcher’s tendrils the creature can be severally wounded, the loss of all its tendrils often leads to the Hatcher’s demise.