Creature Name: Yumee (u mi)
Length: .4 m
Mass: 110 kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Yumee is a distant relative of the Yumbo. It is another nest dwelling creature that lives deep in SR388. It has a sharp, pointed mouth, which is designed to put less resistance on the creature during flight. The Yumees body is basically a design that lets it fly at extremely high speeds with as little wind resistance as possible. The creatures’ snout is long and pointed and the rest of its body is flat. Equipped with a hard outer shell and sunken eyes into the skull the Yumee is the greatest, fastest, and most maneuverable flyer in SR388.

The Yumee has an extremely strange way of eating. It accelerates at high velocity until its highly adapted eyes spot a small prey item. Just when it looks as if it missed the Yumee turns on a dime and impales the creature on its elongated snout. When the creature slides back due to the wind the long tongue underneath the snout of the Yumee grabs the prey and begins eating it. A Yumee only rests in the hive after a tiring flight or a large meal. A Yumee creates a hive by constantly ramming a wall with its snout to open one or taking over a Gawron hive after eating its inhabitants. The Yumee reproduces sexually.

A Yumees eyes are similar to high-speed cameras. Even though it is flying at a near 100-200 MPH the Yumee can still spot a small prey item and calculate when and where it needs to turn to kill it. This is possible due to the Yumees ability to slow down nerve messages carried from the eyes to the brain. It does this in rocky areas when it needs to be sure to not impale itself and in areas where there is prey nearby.