Name: Yumbo (yuhm bow)
Length: .2 m
Mass: 80 kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Yumbo is a small, predatory pack hunter. Usually found in swarms of up to 30 members, Yumbo collectives scour the lower levels of SR388 in search of food. They normally feed of small, immobile prey but have been known to attack larger animals if the opportunity arises.

The Yumbo anatomy consists of four legs, odd for a creature in it's phylum. It has a cluster of 3 eyes which sit in a echelon pattern atop its outer carapace. It's head ends in a long proboscis like snout, lined with small teeth which it uses for both attack and defensive purposes. When threatened, Yumbo hives instinctively dart downwards, noses aimed straight at their targets.

Yumbos are attracted to bright light, and have been known to dive head first into exposed lava tubes drawn by both their heat and light.