Name: Weavel
Height: 2.1 m
Mass: 400 lb
Homeworld: Unknown

Cybernetic Space Pirate general turned Space Hunter

Weavel was once the Enforcer Kraid's second in command and oversaw the region of Brinstar from the fortress where Kraid also lived. Weavel himself was a general who had served with the Space Pirate Legion stationed on Zebes for many decades and had directed some of the raids on the Galactic Federation that had been launched from this planet. Unfortunate for Weavel his career was cut short when Space Hunter Samus Aran was contracted by Federation HQ to infiltrate the planet Zebes and prevent the Space Pirate Legions from completing their Metroid breeding program and using the creatures as a bio-weapon against the armies and populations of the galaxy.

Weavel actually confronted Samus herself during her journey into Brinstar but was cut down in battle when he tried to take the Space Hunter out, suffering severe injuries to his body. When recovery parties later found the barely alive Weavel Space Pirate Command decided to save his life instead of letting him die as Space Pirates normally do with their severe wounded brethren. However Weavel's rescue came with a price, the Space Pirates were already aware that most of Weavel's body was injured beyond regeneration and that he would need technological assistance if he was to live on. Because of this it was decided to make one more use of the fallen general and he was turned over to a Space Pirate research project that was working on creating copies of Powered Armour which Space Hunter Samus Aran and the military field personnel of the Federation used. Goal of the project was to create an armoured warrior that could take on Samus Aran and finally dispose of her as well as making a new standard for Space Pirate Elite Troopers for special commando assignments.

Earlier results had been the Beam Trooper Armours that had been used on Tallon IV and this same team would later create the armour for the Pirate Commando, the so called ‘Hunting the Hunter' forces.As Weavel's injuries already require various amputations the research team decided to do the most extreme operation possible; Weavel's brain, spine and part of his nervous system were surgical removed and transferred into a life support module that had been built into a prototype mechanical Space Pirate Power Armour frame.

Weavel's strength and senses such as sight have been strongly increased and the power armour suit is far more endurable than an average Space Pirate warrior with armour, losses for Weavel are that he is no longer susceptible to outside stimuli such as heat, cold, or scent, only what the receptors in the armour can translate to his nervous system. This has left Weavel in a severe mental state bordering on the psychotic as his brain can no longer experience all physical senses, increasing the remaining senses strongly such as the discomfort Weavel feels when the suit's cybernetic components communicate with his organic side. Because of his new nature as a cybernetic lifeform and failure on Zebes Weavel's rank has been reduced by Space Pirate Command who no longer recognised him as an officer and he was reassigned to a special forces unit as an enhanced trooper with no privileges who has to abide to every command. Hateful of what has happened to him and his current position in the Space Pirate Legions, Weavel has been seeking opportunities to regain his command rank in order to take revenge on his enemies both inside the Space Pirate Command hierarchy and the person who caused this severe mutilation to him; the Space Hunter Samus Aran.

When Weavel received the telepathic communiqué from the Alimbic Cluster in the Tetra Galaxy Weavel abandoned his unit to travel to satellite galaxy to locate the Ultimate Power and use it for his plans to gain command of a Legion of his own. Little organic matter remains of Weavel and what there is, is firmly protected in a life support module deep inside the humanoid shaped Power Armour frame Weavel now knows as his body.The armour itself is coated with reinforced plating for maximum protection against kinetic, concussion and energy based weaponry, it also includes a powerful personal field generator which strength can be increased with energy modules.

Weapon systems are directly built into the armour and Weavel can operate them as easily as flexing a muscle, like many of the armour systems the weapon systems are adaptable and can be expanded with new weapons and ammo modules. The ‘head' of the armour contains a powerful 3D imager system that uses lasers to analyse the surroundings and directly feeding the image into Weavel's brain giving him a visual sense as complete organic lifeforms have. Special visors modules need to be installed in the head to increase its visual ranges to include Thermal vision, X-Ray vision or Echo vision. Weavel's cyborg form allows him to assume an alternative form; the Halfturret. The armour basically splits in half with the upper torso remaining mobile will the lower section becomes a stationary turret that fires on every non Space Pirate lifeform.