Name: Trocra (trow kra)
Length: Unconfirmed
Mass: Unconfirmed
Homeworld: Unknown

The Trocra is a kind of strange storage vessel used by the Alimbics while they fought Gorea. A Trocra is a living creature but it's not at all dangerous. It was kept in Oubilette because the Alimbics wanted the Energy and Universal Ammunition that was stored in these unusual creatures to be close by in case Gorea escaped the Seal Sphere. Its sharp and thick skin makes it so only high powered creatures can access the goods the Trocra offers.

The Trocra somehow lives on its own so there are speculations to weather this creature is alive or a machine. If it is living it needs no food, water, or air. It reproduces asexually if alive and every time a new creature appears it carries the same amount of energy or Ammunition as its previous one. It is not explained how a machine could perform in that way. Once Gorea was released from the Seal Sphere it was realized that the creature could use the Trocras around it as long-range offensive weapons as well as simple prey items. Gorea could normally feed on the Trocras if it was in severe need of energy but the Alimbics thought Gorea was unstoppable so they decided to put the Trocras in Oubilette anyway.