Morphology: Thardus
An animated, sentient creature of stone charged with Phazon radiation.

Thardus is a giant creature made of rocks. The only thing that holds Thardus together is Phazon. Being only rocks Thardus has no internal organs and is simply rocks binded by the Phazon energy and radiation. Thardus does have one rock where all the Phazon is stored but it can only be seen on the Thermal Spectrum. If Thardus becomes severely injured it will try to absorb Phazon around its surroundings usually picking up more rocks and kicking up a dust storm.

Since Thardus has no need to eat or sleep all its attacks are to attack enemies. Thardus' main attack is to throw rocks using Phazon and a strange kind of Telepathy to move the rocks toward its target. Another move is Thardus curls into a ball and rolls along the terrain crushing anything in its path. Once Thardus can't keep itself stable anymore all the Phazon destroys the creatures body.

Thardus was originally a Space Pirate experiment kept under control in Phendrana Drifts. The Pirates monitored his progress, which they kept close to the base. Samus eventually destroyed the Thardus and any plans the Space Pirates had for it. Space Pirate Data indicated that Thardus was originally going to be an invincible super soldier until its weakness was discovered. Afterwards Thardus was abandoned in a dome outside the Pirates Phendrana Base.

The Phazon radiation given off by Thardus negates auto-targeting systems, preventing lock-on. It may be possible to acquire alternate targets with a different Visor. The chaotic nature of Phazon radiation leads to instability in its structural integrity. Thardus can encase targets in ice, and its colossal size and strength make it a formidable opponent.