Name: Sylux
Height: 2.2 m
Mass: 510 lb
Homeworld: Cylosis

Renegade space hunter with a dark past and motivations

So very little is known on Sylux itself, what this being is or where it comes from, that we must assume that 全ylux' is an assumed identity of a person who wishes to keep its original identity a secret or has discarded it completely. Sylux appeared several standard galactic years ago on the galactic scene and was by its actions quickly identified as a ruthless hunter who expressed no form of compassion towards its targets and no qualms about sacrificing those who stand in its way. Most worrying is that Sylux harbours a great hatred towards the Galactic Federation and its champion; Samus Aran. It has made known that it will not rest until it has destroyed both. Sylux's species can not be identified on the moment; it could be a member of a variety of hominid cultures including humanity. Sylux makes use of a very advanced Powered Armour suit of a design never seen before; the technology itself seems to be derived from Federation military technology but is on a level previously thought to be outside the current Federation level. The closest comparison would be the Power Armour suit worn by the Federation heroine Samus Aran.

Flexible armour has been placed over a strength enhancing hominid shaped frame, the power systems, power shield systems, self repair systems, and suit processor and data network are located directly under this armour plating. The suit is equipped with a weapon some refer to as a 全hock Coil', the exact origin of this name is unknown. It fires it high-density Neutrinos and it can tape the energy from opponents and transfer this to Sylux's suit. Next to this weapon the suit also has conventional weapon systems that can be expanded and upgraded. Sylux's alternative form is the Lock Jaw, a hovercraft form that can easily enter small chambers and corridors; it resembles two blade like metal components connected by an energy sphere. It uses a 5th Dimensional pocket to compress Sylux's body and armour into itself. In this form Sylux can lay trip mines, bombs connected too each other, if Sylux lays a third they form a triangle.

The following is classified under the Federation Espionage Law and for selected personnel only.

Subject: Sylux

Class organism: Unknown hominid, possibly human, in possession of prototype weaponry, power armour and gunship. Many research projects that have been commissioned by and under the authority of this agency are for the simple goal of acquiring tactical and strategic advantages for the establishment that founded us and we need to protect; the Galactic Federation.

Though the Federation maintains defence contracts with various corporations throughout the known galaxy, laws established to give it a respectable face towards its own people and outsiders forbid it to authorise research in science fields that sometimes hold the best possibilities, and dangers. Our enemies, most notable the Space Pirates have no such qualms and don't let themselves by slowed down by self-delusional concepts of morality, and have gained significant advantages in fields the Federation is barely allowed to study. This agency is not limited by the galactic laws concerning bio engineering, cybernetics, high physics and general weapon technology, this does not only put us in the unique position to perform research moral preaching politicians find 倉uestionable', it establishes us as the best and last defence against enemies with a significant advantage.

For some time now our engineers have been trying to develop Power Armour technology matching that used by one of the Federation's more recognisable heroes; Samus Aran. Though so far she has shown loyalty towards the Federation people, this agency finds it questionable at best and is of the belief that the Federation remains vulnerable until we have successfully re engineered the advanced technologies Samus Aran has and supplied our own forces with it. A cycle ago our best minds managed to create an advanced prototype Power Armour suit which offensive and defensive qualities surpassed all previous developments done by the same team as well as Power Suit technology generally in use by organisations such as the Galactic Army and the Space Police. Part of this project was an experimental weapon system referred to as a 全hock Coil', a weapon that uses high density Neutrinos.

Federation laws forbid the development of military technology that uses high density Neutrinos and the existence of this weapon was on a need to know basis. Still information of the existence of these two prototypes managed to get out of the research complex where both were developed, and were intercepted by an individual only known as 全ylux'. The true identity of this being is not known yet but our information gather department is questioning all its agents and sources throughout the galaxy for it. This 全ylux' entity managed to infiltrate the mentioned research complex, causing several casualties and gain entrance to the laboratories where the Power Suit and the Shock Coil were stored. From there on Sylux headed towards a secondary complex where advanced combat vessel designs were created and assembled and took a prototype Delta-class strike fighter codenamed Delano 7 with which Sylux escaped the facility and the planet.

Command is still questioning how this all has been possible but rest assured that there will be severe disciplinary actions against those who have permitted this to happen. For now we must focus on retrieving the prototype technology stolen by Sylux, we must also permanently neutralise Sylux itself as knowledge of this technology must have come paired with the knowledge of this agency's existence. We can not and will not permit such a breach of secrecy, the fate of Sylux will serve as a reminder to all those who dare to cross us.