Creature Name: Squeept (sk weept)
Body Height: 0.7 m
Arm Span: 1.3 m
Mass: 20 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

Squeepts are very strong creatures that live in the lava of Norfair. They have tough armor in order to survive the crushing forces found in some of the earthquake-prone regions where they are sometimes found. They use jets of pressurized air to leap out of the lava and grab prey that might be passing through. They jump to varying heights, probably an evolutionary adaptation to make them unpredictable, although there is a pattern to their jumping. Although superficially resembling Yapping Maws, they are completely unrelated. Yapping Maws are predatory plants and Squeepts are animals. Actually, Spueepts are much more closely related to Scisers than to anything else. Unlike other members of the order Teroculus, Squeepts only have 2 eyes; the third is atrophied and covered in armor plating. Female Squeepts lay eggs in the lava. Males then fertilize them by releasing gametes into the magma. The male gametes make their way to the eggs by following pheromones.