Splinter Family Geneology

Morphology: Alpha Splinter
Alpha male of a war pack.

Gigantic predator. Very swift and strong, it uses ramming attacks to defeat its foes. Splinter war packs are dominated by the largest male. Alpha Splinters use their tremendous strength, size, and speed to subdue and kill prey, paving the way for their smaller broodlings.

Morphology: Splinter
Predatory insectoid hunter.

Splinters are aggressive and dangerous in numbers. Their light armor is no match for your weapons, however. When it isn't hunting, a Splinter will secrete a protective cocoon around itself and enter a state of hibernation. Localized seismic disturbances will awaken the Splinter, triggering a state of blood frenzy in the process. While in this state, a Splinter emits pheromones that trigger frenzy in all nearby Splinters. Disturbing a pack of sleeping Splinters is not advisable.

Morphology: Worker Splinter
Drone of the Splinter Hive.

Low-threat target. Generates webbing for use in its duties. The Worker Splinter is bred for service, not combat. It spends its time collecting foodstuffs and raw material for the Hive. A layer of mucus helps to protect the creature from the toxins and chemicals it often works with. They can generate a sturdy, pliable webbing, useful in travel throughout the Hive.