Height: 2.3 m
Mass: 325 lb
Homeworld: Mondreus

A lone hunter searching for his lost people

The Diamont are or were unique silicon (Silicon variant 2) based lifeforms, their entire genetic structure and biological evolution following a very different path than that of carbon based lifeforms. Because carbon based lifeforms can not digest silicon based lifeforms the Diamont and other silicon based lifeforms did not have to fear from predators, due to their own silicon genetic structure they on their turn did not have to rely on sustenance of plant or animal matter on their turn. They only needed mineral rich water and UV light to sustain energy production in their body and the replication of cell like molecule structures.

Because of this nature the Diamont were a very peaceful species, their society almost never having experienced war and no such crimes as murder. When the Diamont met other intelligent life in the galaxy they approached these other intelligences openly, perhaps even coming over a little naïve to other intelligent species. Species such as the Chozo and the Luminoth accepted their welcome warmly and many exchanges took place between the Diamont and most other cultures Some species even preferred in cases of disagreement that a Diamont served as an arbiter as the species non predatory origins and lack of obsessions carbon based life suffers from made them the most impartial beings there are. Others regarded the Diamonts as disturbing as they displayed little behaviour or interests carbon based lifeforms have, or envied the Diamont homeworld and colonies for the rich resource deposits located there. Worlds that otherwise could have been claimed by other interstellar civilizations as before the Diamonts were encountered it was commonly believed indigenous life on these types of world was impossible.

Civilizations desired these worlds and tried to use the ‘alien-ness' of the Diamonts to create a rift between them and the species that liked or respected them. It was through contact with outsiders that the Diamont learned the nature of war and atrocities that came with it, and though it hardened the Diamonts' mentality they never took or developed pleasure in such acts as torture or mistreatment, continuing to treat these enemies they captured with respect as if they were another Diamont. Diamonts showed to have a keen strategic mind, tremendous patience, and endurance during the wars that happened, a tactician of a former enemy once wrote; “Agitating the Diamonts is like agitating an avalanche, only a fool would do so as only the fool ends up crushed.” The ‘skin' of a Diamont is actually a shell surrounding the ‘real' body which is deep inside.

No real genders exist within the Diamont species, when a Diamont wishes to procreate it seeks out another Diamont willing to do so too after which both excrete genetic material that forms a Diamont ‘egg' (closest translatable analogue) which is inserted in the right rock material that serves as a womb and later form the developing embryo's skin. An alternative is that single Diamont ‘sheds' a part of its own body which can also become an ‘egg' and is placed within the right rock material, difference is that a Diamont embryo formed from two Diamonts forms a unique new Diamont while a Diamont embryo from a single Diamont is more like a clone. Like clones of carbon based lifeforms the genetic structure of a Diamont embryo deteriorates when the same Diamont ‘individual' creates offspring from the same genetic source. (Silicon variant 2 is a fictional Silicon based variant that like carbon molecules expands under heath, something essential in the forming of organic molecules)

Spire is a rather unique presence in the galaxy, his people having disappeared long ago without any explanation where they went or what happened to them. He was apparently still developing when the last ‘adult' Diamonts left the planet where he ‘woke' up, Spire seemed destined to be alone and unaware of his kind was it not for a Federation survey crew that had come to map the planet. They managed to make contact with Spire and convince him that they weren't dangerous and had nothing to do with the disappearance of his people. Spire decided to trust them and was taken onboard when they left the planet and returned to Federation HQ, there Spire met historians, cultural experts and beings who actually had met the Diamonts before they disappeared and he was taught of their history and culture to the moment they left the galactic scene. Though he was welcome to stay in the Federation and several societies had invited him to join them Spire declined, feeling alone and abandoned in the galaxy where no other natural intelligent silicon 2 based lifeform had been found. For some time he travelled the galaxy, seeking out former Diamont colonies and outposts, developing skills such as combat, weapon handling and other subjects necessary to know when living at the fringe of ‘civilised' space

Realising his proficiency for tracking and combat and needing an income to finance his journeys Spire undertook hunter training and got a licence so that he could enter the hunter circuit, he became quite successful but never stayed on one location long enough. He altered and added ‘improvements' to his shell so that he could easier move in environments otherwise hostile to Diamonts and gain greater endurance against enemy force. Spire had been travelling for several decades when he received the telepathic communiqué from the Alimbic Cluster in the Tetra Galaxy. Seeing comparisons with the disappearance of his people and the possibility that solving this mystery might help in solving what had happened to the Diamonts he set out to locate the Ultimate Power which could be a depository of records made by the Alimbic elders. Unlike most of the other hunts Spire does not wear a Powered Armour suit nor has he any need of one as his own skin is as armoured.Damage sustained during battles can easily be regenerated by absorbing the right rock material.

The only ‘artificial' defence in Spire's body is the shield system he has let implanted underneath his ‘skin'. Diamonts are probably one of the few lifeforms who can actually survive for a limited time in the vacuum of outer space without any need for hard suits or support equipment. Diamont skin is thick enough to resist micro meteorites and block cosmic radiation to a degree.The weapon system Spire yields is based on Diamont technology he found on former Diamont outposts, it is military strength and can be expanded with new weapon types and weapon expansions. Spire's alternative form is the Dialanche; this is actually a natural defence mechanism for the Diamont species though Spire ‘upgraded' his form with an offensive capability known as the Rock Blade.