Creature Name: Slench

Slench V.1- V.4

The Slench is another defense mechanism used by the Alimbics to safeguard the Octoliths. The Slench has tentacles on the wall that transport energy from the Slench to the Energy Blasters that can fire a variety of different weapons. Once the Energy Blasters receive enough power it will fire a beam weapon at the target that entered the bio defense chamber. When the Slench is deprived of energy it detaches itself from the wall and begins to float around the chamber. When the Slench regains its energy it regains control of the Energy Blasters.

The Version 1 of the Slench fires simple concentrated beams at its target and merely floats around the chamber when deprived of energy. The V.2 of the Slench fires Superheated Magma from the Energy Blasters and shows a very high venerability to Supercooled Plasma. V.3 features an electromagnetic High-Voltage weapon that can disrupt electrical objects. V.3 can also stop while levitating and ram its opponent with its massive body. The V.4 is even more deadly, firing blasts of Supercooled Plasma that can temporarily immobilize a target.

Once a Slench is destroyed due to disruption the Octolith implanted inside the creature will be available to open the Alimbic Cannon. Slench technology was the greatest design the Alimbics had to safeguard the Octoliths. Each Slench has two forms. Slench A and Slench B. Both have the same weaknesses and weaponry but the Slench B has detached itself from the bio defense chamber and freely levitates to attack the target.