Creature Name: Skreek (scur e k)
Length: 1.1 m
Mass: 460 kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Skreek is another inhabitant of SR388. It has a gigantic beak and head but strangely small wings. It is unknown how such a large creature can stay airborne using such small wings. It also has very large eyes at the back of its beak so it can see incoming enemies or prey. Like most creatures on SR388 they live in hives at either the top of a room or below ground. Once a Skreek digs out a hive others vacate the area so they won't have to construct their own. Its large beak allows prey to be swallowed whole.

A Skreek can and will eat just about anything. Normally massive amounts of small creatures such as Mumbo, Seerook, and Meboid are targeted prey items. Sometimes out of desperation they will go after larger prey including Halzyn, Octroll, and sometimes Ramulken are targeted. There are even documented scientific recordings of these creatures eating Alpha Metroids. They all rest in the hive when not on the hunt. They reproduce sexually and all activity such as mate and give birth inside the hive as well. Gamma Metroids are their main predators.

A popular theory is that the Skreeks small wings can support its body by moving them so quickly, nearly 100 MPH, is able to support its massive body. This would make sense due to the fact other life forms have been recorded using this technique to make more room in their internal structures for organs and important bones. That would also explain the large eyes and beak of the Skreek. A normal Skreek hive consists of 100-200 members.