Creature Name: Septogg (sehp tahg)
Height: 1.4 m
Mass: 300 kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Septogg is a distant relative of the Tripper and much more similar to a Flitt. It is like a living platform that uses symbioticchemoautotrophic bacteria to feed itself. The Septogg has a natural anti-gravity device to hover in a single place. The main purpose of these creatures existence is unknown but the Chozo may engineer them as platforms. They also produce Hydrocarbons to increase altitude if a heavy creature such as a Ramulken causes them to fall. These creatures have eyes but they are basically useless for two reasons. The first because the Septogg can't move on its on and the second being the underdeveloped eyes can barely see in the darkness of SR388. This creature may have a small brain but it is doubtful.

As said previously the Septogg uses symbioticchemoautotrophic bacteria to feed itself. It uses anti-gravity propulsion to keep itself in air. Since the creature has nearly no nutrients others very rarely prey it upon. The Septogg uses asexual reproduction to multiply and have a very long lifespan so it is not uncommon to see clusters of 3 to 10 of these creatures in a small area. They are usually found near Chozo technology like Autracks so it is widely believed these creatures are not natural inhabitants of SR388 rather manufactured creatures. It is also believed that the Chozo took Rippers and Trippers to SR388 and the Septogg naturally evolved in this ecosystem. Sadly the Chozo left behind no lore to decipher and find out if this is true.