Creature Name: Senjoo (sehn ju)
Height: 1.6 m
Mass: 130 lbs
Homeworld: SR388

The Senjoo is another strange creature found on SR388. It is very large and another deadly creature. The Senjoo has evolved a single eye, which can easily penetrate the darkness of SR388. The creature has also evolved an extremely hard outer carapace that can protect it from most creatures' even Beam fire. It has two large wings, which it uses to be able to fly close to walls and ceilings in SR388 where its prey usually resides. It also has evolved spikes for self-defense on the top of its body.

The Senjoo eats anything available. It usually fly's around and waits for Gulluggs and other large inhabitants of SR388 to appear. To attack they fly at the prey item and grab it with large claws. After the creature is grabbed and bleeding the Senjoo begins to slowly devour it with the mouth on its underside. The Senjoo rests by landing on the closest rock and digs its claws into it. A Senjoo mates through Sexual reproduction and egg laying. A Senjoo mother will lay the eggs on a cliff where very few creatures can find them. When the eggs hatch the Senjoo young will go their separate ways.