Creature Name: Seerook (cee ruhk)
Height:.3 m
Mass: 68 kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Seerook is a creature living in the dark caverns of SR388. It is a small relative of the Mumbo. The Seerook has larger jaws and wings than the Mumbo so it is slightly more advanced. They fly alone in a single area and wait for prey to pass by. Much like a Ripper the Seerook has a highly underdeveloped brain so it has nearly no control over where it is moving. The small wings fluttering are jointed so they can move to the creatures’ mouth if prey lands on top of it.

The Seerook feeds by simply moving horizontally until a creature rolls under it or falls on top of it. If a creature moves under the Seerook it will be pulled up by the powerful jaw muscles and be grinded by the many rows of sharp teeth this creature has. If a Pincherfly or Mumbo dies or is injured and they fall on the Seerooks back the creature will be grabbed by a jointed wing and be pulled into the mouth. The Seerook reproduce asexually because they never come in contact with each other to form sexual reproductions.