Height: 2.1 m
Mass:215 lb
Homeworld: Phrygis

Space Hunter with sub zero capabilities

Rundas was a Space Hunter who originated from the world of Phrygis, a moon of the planet Bes III, Phrygis is mostly known for its ice mining operations. Originally Rundas’ people originated from another planet in the Bes system but when their society’s interplanetary space age began they choose to migrate to Phrygis to set a colony up on the moon. The colony’s original purpose was to mine ice to convert it into water and oxygen for interplanetary vessels, later during the interstellar age this purpose shifted to producing water, Deuterium and related products to colonies and space installations that aren’t self sufficient.

A rather arrogant hunter, Rundas considered himself the best in the field without any peers, because of that most other Space Hunters or Space Marine regulars found it difficult to work with him in general, and Rundas often operated as a solo hunter on assignments. One of his habits was to take trophies from targets and opponents he had captured or killed during an assignment.

Rundas also showed a lighter somewhat sarcastic side during his last mission and loyalty towards his fellow Space Hunters though he was of the opinion that they ‘owed him’ when he assisted them while repelling a Pirate attack. All of Rundas’ people are ‘Cryokinetics’; their bodies are capable of influencing of lower temperatures to sub zero levels, allowing them to generate ice and not suffer from any adverse effects by exposure to these elements. Generations ago Rundas’ people already had some affinity with temperature control and manipulation of water but when they moved to Phrygis this was developed into a practical ability through climate adaptation and biological modification.

An internal ‘structure’ in their body can manipulate temperature, especially that of water on an atomic level, how is rather hard to describe as some of the knowledge regarding this development have either been lost or declared classified over time. It is now a common biological development in their bodies and Rundas’ people consider it similar to species that have the ability to change their body color or possess controllable scent glands or venom sacks. Rundas was one of the few members who use this ability in the practice of bounty hunting.
Like many of the other Space Hunters in employment of the Galactic Federation Rundas had confronted the Space Pirate Legions several times in the past during which he had stopped Pirate raids and operations in Federation space.

He also had hunted down several key Space Pirate members and associates on Federation contract.

Because of his reputation of getting assignments done, Admiral Dane contacted him just before the Phazon Corruption crisis to assist the Galactic Federation Navy with the containment of a Pirate created virus that was shutting down the Federation’s Aurora network. He arrived onboard the sector flagship GFS Olympus around the same time fellow Space Hunters Gandrayda, Ghor and Samus Aran arrived and he was to team up with them during the assignment.

The GFS Olympus and its task force had taken orbit around the planet Norion on which an important naval base was located, like other Aurora units in the sector the Aurora Unit of Sector Zero Base on Norion had been ‘immobilized” by the Pirates’ virus. Originally each of the hunters was to go to one of the worlds on which the Federation had installed an Aurora unit and restore these to normal with a special vaccine, but during the debriefing the Olympus was attacked by Space Pirate forces and the hunters were instructed to assist the Federation forces down on Norion and help reactivate defenses.

Rundas was to help activate one of the base’s primary energy generators for the base’s main cannon before he and the other hunters were to meet up in the command room, but when a Leviathan appeared on a direct impact course with Norion Rundas instead set out to assist the Marines and the Hunters after he had carried out his task. He assisted fellow Space Hunter Samus Aran when she was engaged by multiple Space Pirate troop transports and he would later save her when she was falling down a reactor shaft after she had engaged the reborn Space Pirate enforcer Ridley who was leading the assault on Norion.

Later he joined up with Samus, Ghor and Gandrayda at the elevator to the weapons command room to activate Zero Base’s main offensive weapon but before the group could do so they were confronted by the Dark Samus who was revealed to be the true leader of the Space Pirate attack and responsible for the Leviathan that was about to enter Norion’s upper atmosphere. Dark Samus attempted to take out the Space Hunters by infecting them with a Phazon corruption virus, but rather than to kill them Dark Samus did this to turn the four hunters including its old enemy Samus Aran to its will as it had done with the Space Pirates. While they would be incapacitated the Leviathan would embed itself into Norion.

Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda were indeed taken out but Samus Aran retained consciousness long enough to activate Zero Base’s cannon which then took out the Leviathan, ending the threat to Norion for now. Rescue workers later took Rundas and the other hunters to the GFS Olympus for emergency medical assistance. While there the medical professionals soon discovered that all four Space Hunter’s bodies had somehow gained the ability to generate Phazon (they were not aware of the corruptive nature at the time), upon hearing this Admiral Dane ordered the medical personnel to start fitting the hunters with a PED suit which would allow the Hunters to make use of their new Phazon powers.

Two weeks later Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda awoke from their coma and were informed of what had happened since the attack on Norion, Space Pirate forces had attack two other worlds during the same attack, launching similar objects like the Leviathan that had almost hit Norion. Apparently the goals of the Space Pirate attacks had been the Fuel Gel processing base on Bryyo and the former Chozo turned Galactic Federation observatory in the atmosphere of Elysia.

Bryyo base had suffered severally when the Leviathan had hit the planet and had imbedded itself into the crust and contact had been lost with the personnel of the base. Assuming that the Pirates would now have a presence on the planet Rundas was instructed to go there and assess the situation as well as determine if there were any Federation survivors. Rundas did run into the Space Pirate forces that were busy setting up a shield around the impact crater of the Leviathan and he engaged them in an attempt to slow their progress down or stop it completely, making use of his newfound Phazon enhanced capabilities.

This would unfortunate have dire consequences for him as it did for Ghor and Gandrayda, the medical and scientific experts on the GFS Olympus had not discovered the corrupting nature of the Phazon in his body and that it was actually a virus that increased in strength the more the hunters used their new abilities. It rapidly started to spread through Rundas’ body, twisting his mind until he was completely loyal to the Dark Samus who then recruited him as a lieutenant of her new Space Pirate followers. By the time Samus Aran encountered Rundas he was assisting the Pirates with eliminating survivors of the Galactic Federation base.Whatever bonds had developed between the two hunters on Norion were gone now as Rundas immediately engaged Samus Aran to stop her from accessing the Leviathan crater.

During combat Rundas relied mostly on his trademark ice generation capabilities, to give him an edge in the battle he generated several ice spires to prevent Samus from having a continuous direct lock on him.He also reinforced his armor with a layer of ace making it hard to hit him directly. Rundas own attacks consisted of attempting to freeze Samus Aran by project his ability around her, generating large blocks of ice which he would then send at Samus Aran.He would also resort to melee attacks if he could come close to Samus.

Rundas could also increase his mobility by generating an ‘ice platform’ for him to ride on, another one of his trademark capabilities, it allowed him to rapidly move through the air and it was also how he had saved Samus Aran earlier on Norion from her fall in reactor shaft. When Rundas entered hypermode those abilities would be significantly increased. Unfortunate Rundas was beyond reasoning and Samus Aran was forced to defeat him. Just moments after he fell down a spire of ice impaled him, most probably generated by the Dark Samus who arrived on the scene in wraith form in order to absorb Rundas into its own form. Samus was unable to save the former heroic Space Hunter from this fate.