Mechanism: Rezbit
Rogue patrol drone.

The Rezbit is a corrupted and glitchy machine used by the Luminoth. No one knows its original purpose but it is known that the Rezbit somehow acquired a Virus that it can transmit to other machines and either corrupt, infect, or destroy them. If a large and powerful machine gets hit with the Virus some minor damage is done and the machine becomes slightly corrupted. If it is rebooted it will not contract the Virus for long. Some machines are weaker and can’t handle it so they can either have all data eliminated from them or they will automatically shutdown.

Whatever Rezbits were originally used for its quite clear the Luminoth wanted them in abundance. Special replicating devices are made only to create and copy Rezbits. Sadly Rezbits eventually corrupted these and only Rezbits that can be spawned from the machines have the Virus. It is unknown weather or not the ING are responsible for the virus that corrupted the Rezbits but that is one of the easiest theories to believe because the ING were known for corrupting machines of the Luminoth. Rezbits tend to attack individually and have been known to try to transmit the virus to living organisms but failed.