Creature Name: Ramulken (ra mul kin)
Height: 1.7 m
Mass: 200 lbs
Homeworld: SR388

The Gravitts much stronger relative is the Ramulken. Instead of merely hiding underground the Ramulken stays high above the ground on cliff ledges. This creature has more spikes and tentacles. The tentacles have grown thicker and stronger. If all three are used in unison the creature can jump a considerable height and length. These tentacles are the only way the creature can move while supporting its massive head. It kept the single eye because two would make it hard to spot prey. The giant eye is always watching where the creature will jump so confusion is easily avoided.

The creature bounds around looking for food. If it finds one of its many targets it will pounce. It has a mouth on its underside of its body that it uses to eat the prey captured by the tentacles and the Ramulkens body. It only rests when not looking for a meal. The creature will find a suitable resting point and pull itself into its spiked body to sleep much like a Snail. It awakens when it feels hungry again and begins the hunt.

The Ramulken is so strong and protected it only has three predators on SR388. The Zeta Metroid is one for it is smart enough to realize the creatures’ venerable point and takes advantage of it by attacking it in mid-leap. The Omega Metroid is another but it sometimes uses the fire it produces to severely burn or kill the Ramuken making the Metroids a constant threat. The last is the rare X Parasite. Ramulkens rarely encounter X due to the high Metroid population but there is always the risk.