The Quadtroid is the first attempts by the Federation to clone and produce Metroids. The Quadtroid is a mixture of Leech, Reptile, and Metroid DNA. Like a Normal Metroid the Quadtroid drains the bioenergy of its prey. The Quadtroid uses its sharp claws to grab onto prey and the fangs below the Nuclei drain the energy. Since the Quadtroids are weak a small bomb would be able to harm and stun it. The Quadtroids may look like Metroids but they have to use their claws to drag their bodies along. The Quadtoids claws can allow it to climb any surface even solid ice. The Quadtroids eyes see on the Thermal spectrum allowing them to see up to 25 FT away.

The Quadtroids claws also have the all-important function of latching onto a prey item. Since they don't defy gravity like a normal Metroid the Quadtroid has powerful reptilian legs that can allow it to jump 10 feet away and 14 feet upwards. The sensors in the Quadtroids head tell it where the head of the target is and it automatically calculates the height and distance away it is. It also calculates how much power each of its six legs needs to exert to grab its prey. The main flaw of the Quadtroid design is through all the DNA recombination's it lost the ability to reproduce, sexually or asexually. Without this the experiment was deemed a failure. It is unknown if the Quadtroid rests or stops moving.

After it was learned that the Quadtroid couldn't reproduce the federation left them on the Celestial Archives and on Arcterra hoping to cover their tracks than moved on to B.S.L. The Quadtroids behavior is very erratic and strange so it was classified as failed after dozens were made. Many have starved to death others were killed and the last were sucked into the Vacuum of space. It is unknown why the Federation put the Quadtroids in the Tetra Galaxy.