Quadraxis Schematical Information

Mechanism: Quadraxis
Rogue high-security drone.

Quadraxis is a heavily armored and extremely powerful mechanism built by the Luminoth as a defense against the ING. The Luminoth equipped the robot with a mixture of Dark and Light energy that is called the Annihilator Beam. To attack though some of the energy is drained from a specific knee making that area weak. The ING soon took control of Quadraxis and wiped out many Luminoth forces with it. It has a Magnetic track all along its legs.

Heavily armed and armored mechanoid. Lightly armored foot joints are vulnerable to Bomb and Boost attacks. The Quadraxis unit went rogue and entered the service of the Ing. Its primary weapon system fires destructive matter-antimatter blasts. It uses a powerful missile battery for long-distance attacks. The Quadraxis is incredibly durable and well-armored, but its leg and foot joints are vulnerable. Damaging these joints will eventually render it immobile.

Mechanism: Damaged Quadraxis
Dedicated sentry building unit.

When Quadraxis has lost its ability to drain energy from its knees to attack the whole figure collapses and the CM becomes loose. The body is still needed though because the antenna can transmit signals to the main CM giving it commands such as “Attack” and “Keep shielding” or “Move”. These transmissions only happen on a level of sound and is mostly nothing more than a slight Echo. If the Transmission is disrupted the CM remains completely motionless.

Main body rendered immobile. Sonic tactical data bursts detected. Destroy transmitter to disrupt operations. Though the main body is disabled, the tactical control unit within it is still active. It will guide the Head Module in battle via high-sonic transmissions. Disabling this module will impair the Head Module's ability to fight.

Mechanism: Shielded Head Module
Command Module of the Guardian unit.

When the main CM and MB of Quadraxis disconnect the only mobile device is the CM. If transmissions between the CM and MB are clear and constant the CM is getting the commands to attack anything and stay shielded fully. The shields of the CM are completely impenetrable. Nothing can destroy or get past it.

Highly mobile and well-armed. Impervious force shield protects it from harm. Receiving tactical data via high-sonic transmissions. The Head Module of the Quadraxis is highly mobile and well armed. It is shielded by an impervious force field. Tactical commands are sent to the module from the crippled main body; sever this link to impair the Head Module's combat ability.

Mechanism: Stunned Head Module
Battle logic disrupted.

When the transmission between the MB and CM of Quadraxis is cut off the CM can’t perform any functions except hover. The antenna becomes revealed and they send out Ultrasonic signals trying to contact the MB. In this state the Quadraxis is vulnerable to enemy attacks and cannot defend itself on its own. When connection is re-established the CM can perform as usual.

Unit is vulnerable. Shield offline. Unit is generating drones for defense while trying to restore sonic tactical link with main body. Head Module is unable to receive tactical data. Force field offline. Unit is generating drones to defend itself while it attempts to restore tactical link to main body. Destroy sonic receptors on unit to prevent this.

Mechanism: Final Head Module
Tactical ability reduced.

When connection is fully lost between the CM and MB of Quadraxis the CM tries to gather as much energy as possible and the protective shield breaks away showing the Magnetic Tracks and slots that enter the main processor core. The entire body is now vulnerable to attack but if a small and powerful object is placed in contact with the main processor core the unit will be destroyed completely.

Unit now vulnerable. Link to main body severed. Two weak points detected; target them with concussive blasts to damage the unit. Module has lost its tactical link to the main body. Two points of structural weakness have been located on its hull; Morph Ball Bombs can cause damage to these areas. Scans indicate that the Spider Ball can attach to the Module's outer hull.