Puffer Family Geneology

Morphology: Puffer
Unstable gas-filled organism.

The Puffer is a close relative to the Bull and Preed and of the same origins. It has large eyestalks that are used to expel the noxious fumes inside the creatures’ body. The fumes are of an unknown origin but it is hard to study since the gases are purely poisonous. The Puffer has a relatively weak body and if it is destroyed all the fumes that were built up are expelled into the air at once. Since the Puffer is 90% gas it takes no effort to stay afloat in the air.

The Puffer eats the microorganisms by sucking them into the ports that are not expelling toxins at the time. The gases will instantly kill the microscopic prey but it is unknown how the Preed can digest being 90% gas but recent tests have confirmed the gas is acidic. Since the Puffer needs to constantly make gases it can’t sleep or it will stop eating and breathing. And with no reproductive organs asexual reproduction is a working theory.

The Space Pirates seem to have some association with Preeds, Puffers, and Bulls so it is believed that the Pirates carry them around on their travels. A reported incident on Tallon IV sheds light on this being possible. Inside the Space Pirate base the ventilation room to be exact a large group of Puffers was released filling the entire room with the deadly gas spread by the fans. Traps such as this are the main reasons Pirates would bring Puffers to bases with themselves.

Will rupture on contact. Puffers fill their bodies with lethal meta-viprium gas and float about in search of food. If ruptured, the gas within the Puffer is violently released. Despite their fragile bodies, Puffers are aggressive hunters. The gas clouds they release upon death is often fatal to the creature that brings them down as well.

Morphology: Plated Puffer
Mutated Puffer with reinforced epidermis.

Phazon exposure has created a mutant strain of Puffers on Tallon IV. They have developed plated skin, making them harder to burst. Concussive weapons can still do the job, however. The gas within the Plated Puffer is just as deadly as that within their 'cousins.'