Creature Name: Pincherfly (phin sur flie)
Height: .08 m
Mass:4 kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Pincerfly lives close to the surface of SR388. It usually flies close to the top of the large caves so it can easily catch a Mumbo or a Pemaw that gets too close. It will grab its prey item with the sharp pincers on its legs and claps on. It will then eat the struggling creature from the small mouth on the Pincerflys underbelly. The Pincerfly is near the bottom of the food chain, but high up enough to grow rapidly if uncontrolled. Drivels are the main predator of the Pincerfly and keep them in check. The Gullugg is also a Pincerfly eater and they often get into violent battles with each other. The shell of the Pincerfly is weak and they often lose these battles.

Pincerflys mate and lay eggs on the ground, while everything else is done in the air. These creatures sleep by grappling onto rocks in the cave and try to find a place where a predator won’t find them. The incubation period before hatching of a Pincerfly egg is only a few days, since the Moto often feed on Pincerfly eggs. A Pincerflys small eyes aren’t adapted fully to the darkness of SR388 so it is thought they have enhanced hearing and smell.