Creature Name: Phantoon (fan toon)
Height: 5 m
Mass: Massless
Homeworld: Unknown

Phantoon is the one of the many ghosts found on the Wrecked Ship. While most ghosts, called Kobens or Coverns, drain the life energy from animals, it appears that Phantoon has also gained the ability to drain electrical energy as well. By draining all the energy produced by the Wrecked Ship's energy crystals, Phantoon has grown huge, and its power has grown proportionally. The current theory is that Phantoon originally began drawing the power from its immediate area in order to shut down the lights, as all lights harm Kobens. However, when Phantoon sensed how much power it could gain from this, it began absorbing more and more power until it had exhausted the ship's power supply. This allowed the other Kobens to take control of the ship.

Like other Kobens, Phantoon has an immense hatred for all living things. It appears, however, that as its power grew it somehow tapped into Mother Brain's communications network and fell under her control. Koben is capable of focusing electricity and its immense will to ionize matter into a form of high-density plasma, which is its primary method of attacking life-forms it encounters. Phantoon has a great deal of control over these plasma balls, able to maneuver them at will. The plasma has an unusual degree of stability, and although it contains a great deal of energy the optical radiation output is very low. This is important to Phantoon, as the bright light associated with conventional plasma would harm him. Although Phantoon is sensitive to light, it is nowhere near as sensitive as normal Kobens, and this "dim" plasma is not bright enough to harm it.