Creature Name: Petrasyl

The Petrasyl is a strange robotic creature. It was most likely used as a scout and watch drone because it never makes any threatening gestures. The Petrasyl has a very large head that it uses to stay afloat when the anti-gravity drives can’t do anything else. The Petrasyl more or less floats wherever the slightest pulse of energy can take it. A Petrasyl has small tentacles with scanning receptors, which it uses to learn more about whatever it touches and sends a signal to all other Petrasyls in the area telling them of the possible threat.

A Petrasyl is easily expendable and very weak so the Alimbics decided to use the Petrasyls to test their cloning devices. In Vesper the Alimbics added a room with Gestation Tanks and a machine that automatically read the Petrasyl it was given. It turns on automatically when it senses something nearby and starts spewing out Petrasyls. This design was later scaled down to provide for the smaller cloning machines used to make Psycho Bits and Voldrums.