Creature Name: Pemaw (peh mahw)
Height: .2 m
Mass: 100 kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Pemaw like the Glowfly is most likely a creature (in this case a Skree) brought from Zebes to SR388 by the Chozo and evolved over time. The Pemaw has adapted a thicker skin so they can withstand lava and don't spontaneously combust on impact into the ground. The Pemaw builds a nest in solid rock where hundreds of them live. The Pemaw digs a nest by using claws on the front of its body when it is ready to reproduce. The Pemaw then lays eggs in the crevice and protects them from predators. This creature is a lot thinner then a Skree so it is more cloaked in the terrain.

The Pemaw drops from its nest to mate or capture prey. If a very small or weak creature is attacked the Pemaw brings the food to its young to feast. If the creature it tried to eat any other Pemaw old enough kills a Pemaw will take the place as hunter for the nest. If none are strong or large enough the nest will either die of starvation or be attacked and eaten. The hunter Pemaw never sleeps and is always vigilant. Pemaw reproduce asexually due to the fact that they never wander far from the nest so the possibility of reproduction by contact would be too slim to carry out the creatures’ survival.