Morphology: Parasite
Interstellar vermin.

The Parasite species is an inhabitant of Tallon IV. Parasites normally have hard shells but the substance known as Phazon changed a select few. The Space Pirates experimented with Parasites on their Frigate. They managed to use Phazon on a group of Parasites and changed them completely. They lost their shells and grew softer ones even though their aggression heightened. Normally Parasites lived together but there was no real bond. The experiments managed to make the Parasites smaller and give them a full Hive instinct. The strongest Parasite became a Queen that presided over all the others.

Parasites now swarm their prey and perform Kamikaze attacks to take it down. A single Parasite would be prey for anything on Tallon IV but large swarms of hundreds can take down a large Zoomer sacrificing only 25 Parasites making them efficient and deadly. Before the Phazon came to Tallon IV Parasites like this had never existed.

Morphology: Plated Parasite
Hardy member of the Parasite family.

These are the species of Parasites that normally evolved on Tallon IV. These creatures are large and have extremely hard shells. The Plated Parasites have large claws that are meant to grab onto walls and rocks but still manage to grab prey and hold it in place while the Parasite devours it. The Parasite has a weak underbelly that a large blast can destroy. Plated Parasites usually live deep underground in Magmoor so prey that can be eaten is limited. Very rarely a Shriekbat will enter the area a Plated Parasite is residing. Normally Plated Parasites flip Grizbys onto their backs and eat them from the underside. Plated Parasites usually rest in safe, heated areas.

Morphology: Ice Parasite
Scavenger with a crystalline outer shell.

The Ice Parasites live only where it's freezing. Like the Plated Parasite they are well protected. In Phendrana food is more varied and easier to find. Sheegoth's made suitable prey for the Ice Parasite until the Bombu escaped from the Space Pirate base.

Morphology: Parasite Queen

The strongest Parasite that was mutated by Phazon became the leader of the hive and sole egg-layer. The Queen Parasite is much stronger and deadlier than the Parasite swarms so the Parasites feel no need to protect her. The Queen is extremely large and feeds on anything she can find or that the Parasites bring her. She has an advanced variation of the Parasites slightly acidic blood. She can channel the acids in a high concentration into her mouth than forcefully expel it at enemies or prey.

The Queen likes to stay in heated areas and usually rests there. She produces eggs by eating other Parasites and channeling their DNA into her egg chamber through her complex stomach. When they are laid the Parasites collect them and the Space Pirates would store them until hatching. Normally though the other Parasites of the swarm would guard the eggs.